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There is never a more heartening sight than that of a well tended colourful garden and our patio doors will enable you to enjoy panoramic views of your garden, whether open or closed, summer or winter.

Our patio doors glides effortlessly allowing you to throw your house open on a delightful summer’s day. Choose a patio door with 2 pane, 3 pane or 4 pane sliding panels, in a finish and colour to suit your home. Click on the appropriate link below for more details.

We supply and install Patio doors designed to reduce heat loss by the use of thermally broken aluminium frames containing a polyamide bridge. This is a very efficient thermal barrier that reduces heat loss thereby helping homeowners to conserve energy and reduce their heating bills. Consequently homeowners are able to enjoy warmth, greater comfort and many other benefits including minimal maintenance, enhanced security and added value to their property.

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Patio Doors will add a new dimension to your home allowing you to take delight in the warmth of a summer’s day. Our patio doors will glide effortlessly to the slightest touch of your finger while allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of your garden. These doors are ideal for properties of a contemporary design and where effective use has to be made of the available space. Multi-point locking systems, security glazing and anti-lift devices to deter anyone attempting a forced entry are some of the special features of our patio doors.

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Our timber patio doors glides effortlessly and smoothly allowing homeowners to open their house on a pleasant summer’s day to enjoy their garden. Available as two, three, four or six pane options the patio doors are manufactured using engineered timber that is resistant to warping and twisting. Since each pane may be manufactured up to three metres wide, the six pane doors are capable of spanning widths of up to an amazing eighteen metres (60 feet). The doors are available from Meranti (hardwood), European Redwood or oak.

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