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Patio Doors will add a new dimension to your home allowing you to take delight in the warmth of a summer’s day.

Our patio doors will glide effortlessly to the slightest touch of your finger while allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of your garden.

These doors are ideal for properties of a contemporary design and where effective use has to be made of the available space. Multi-point locking systems, security glazing and anti-lift devices to deter anyone attempting a forced entry are some of the special features of our patio doors.

Styles & Colours

Patio doors can be manufactured as 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane sliding doors and are available in a variety of standard colours including white, oak, rosewood and mahogany and upon request they can be supplied colour matched to any RAL colour.


Patio doors are glazed with sealed double glazed units with a choice of clear glass, obscure glass, safety glass, decorative glass, stained glass, patterned glass, astragals, leaded lights and Georgian bars.


Security is provided by multipoint locking systems and anti-lift devices to frustrate any attempt by would-be intruders/burglars.


Patio doors require a minimal amount of maintenance if only to keep the surfaces clean and free of everyday dust and grime. Moving parts should be checked annually and lubricated appropriately, where necessary. PVC-U profiles should be wiped clean using a mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials must not be used.