Bygone Collection

Your property is likely to be your largest single asset, so it makes sense to ensure any work you carry out is done with the utmost care and attention, using high quality materials which are sympathetic to its character.

New windows should be seen as both aesthetically pleasing, and as an opportunity to add value to your investment. I can assure you that everyone associated with the Bygone Collection shares that same vision.

In a world where cutting costs, engineering products down to a price and “making do” with standard, off the shelf products is the norm, I take a completely different view.

Since starting my company in 1988, my aim has been to build the finest non-timber sash window possible. It is important that they last well beyond any guarantee period and should be installed correctly, by fitters that I would trust on my own property.

The aim is to retain the elegant proportions that traditional box sash windows were renowned for, whilst incorporating the very best materials and technology.

Eliminating the draughts, maintenance and painting problems associated with timber sash windows has been my life’s work.

Along with my staff, we devote much of our time improving our products and we’ve already dedicated considerable resource into enhancing the appearance, security, thermal efficiency and environmental impact of our windows.

As you will see in the following pages, many people have great things to say about Bygone windows; planners, conservation officers and satisfied customers, all believe we have delivered for their projects, just as we will do for yours.

When the Planning Inspectorate overturns a council decision on appeal, saying…

“The (Bygone) window appears to replicate a traditional sliding sash window very closely, the effect is so convincing that it is difficult to differentiate between the two, even at close quarters”

…we know we’re getting something right.

At Bygone, we’re very proud of our products and the partners we trust to install them. In fact, I don’t think you’d be able to source a more authentic, secure or thermally efficient PVC-U sash window anywhere in the world.