Conservatories & Orangeries

For that grand touch of sheer luxury, your home could be transformed by an expertly designed conservatory or orangery, supplied and installed complete with all related building works.


We offer a range of conservatories custom-designed to suit every property. Choose from a wide choice of styles to create a modern or period design including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, traditional mono-pitch or nearly any combination of these. The addition of a conservatory is stunning. It creates an elegant extra living space that is light and airy – the perfect place to entertain, enjoy your garden and favourite hobbies or to put your feet up and relax.

When compared to orangeries, conservatories are simpler in terms of styling with a slim structure and a larger glazed roof and are available with elegant pilaster, frieze and gable detailing.


Orangeries can be traced back to the 17th century and they were built originally for growing exotic plants and fruits. Orangeries provide more of a solid extension to properties and are distinguished by having a glazed lantern within a flat roof structure and more columns.

Homeowners who are looking for a more substantial structure/building than a fully glazed conservatory will choose an orangery because it will fully satisfy their requirements. Our bespoke orangeries will enhance your home be it a listed building, a traditional or contemporary home.

Roof glazing takes advantage of advances in technology such as self-cleaning glass that reduces maintenance; high performance sealed units that reduce solar gain thus keeping conservatories cool in the summer; low iron glass and gas filled sealed units that reflect heat back into the conservatory or orangery thereby keeping the building warm, are also available.

Our range of conservatories includes a choice of styles – contemporary or period designs such as Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, traditional mono-pitch or nearly any combination of these. Orangeries have a glazed lantern set within a flat roof and are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes depending on the material used to build the structures.

All structures, whatever the frame material, require a minimal amount of maintenance if only to clean the surfaces of everyday dust and grime.

All moving parts such as handles and hinges should be checked annually and lubricated appropriately, where necessary. All profiles should be wiped/ washed down using a mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials must not be used.

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Conservatories & Orangeries

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