Timber Alternative Doors

Timber Alternative Entrance Doors

Our Timber Alternative Entrance Doors offer the beauty and depth of real timber but none of the usual problems associated with wooden doors. The Timber Alternative Entrance Doors collection contains contemporary and period styles designs. Our timber alternative entrance doors are manufactured using modern materials, state of art door technology and traditional craftsmanship.

White wood effect outer-frame and a multi-point locking system are just two of the many special fea ures that make our doors distinctive. Our doors are custom-made and offer exclusive designs, styles, colours, furniture and glazing options. Long lasting, durable and secure, our timber alternative doors require minimal maintenance and have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

Our timber alternative entrance doors are available with a range of glazing options including energy efficient sealed double glazed units with a choice of designs including leaded, obscure, etched, coloured and bevelled glass.

Our timber alternative entrance doors are available as single or double doors (French doors), front or back doors in a range of styles and colours including bespoke colours. Authentic timber-effect lamination is applied to all profiles.

All Timber Alternative Entrance Doors, irrespective of the material from which they are made, require minimal maintenance to ensure that they are kept clean and free of dust and grime. Door frames should be wiped clean using a mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Moving parts such as handles and hinges should be checked regularly and kept lubricated. The use of abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials are not recommended.

Glass should be cleaned in the normal way with warm, mild soapy water or a quality glass cleaner.

An optional exclusive range of traditional and contemporary furniture is available in solid brass and wrought iron.

Our Timber Alternative Entrance Doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system for excellent security.

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