PVCU Entrance Doors

We supply and install a range of quality PVCU Entrance Doors that are available in a wide choice of styles and sizes; chamfered or sculptured the designs will enhance and brighten any room in your home.

Peace of mind is guaranteed by the enhanced security provided by multi-point locking systems. All our pvc-u doors are double glazed thus providing a high degree of insulation that reduces heat loss, conserves energy and reduces heating bills. The benefits to homeowners are warmth, greater comfort, minimal maintenance, enhanced security and added value to property.

Traditional or contemporary, whether your home is a cottage, a barn conversion, a mansion, a country house or a new property we offer a wide range of entrance doors from which to choose. Open in or open out, our entrance doors and sidelights are fitted with specially designed hinges and are available as front or back doors. When closed advanced weather sealing protects against wind and rain, while high security features such as concealed hinges and multi-point locking systems, fitted as standard, offer complete peace of mind.


PVC-U entrance doors are available externally or internally glazed with glazing beads and flexible gaskets to BS6262. Glazing beads and gaskets will accommodate a range of glazing options including sealed double glazed units with clear glass, obscure glass, safety glass, decorative glass, stained glass, patterned glass, astragals, leaded lights and Georgian bars.

Styles & Colours

Our range of pvc-u entrance doors is available in a choice of finishes including brilliant white, wood white, golden oak, rosewood, golden oak on white, rosewood on white or your door can be colour matched to any RAL colour.


PVCU Entrance Doors require a minimal amount of maintenance if only to keep the surfaces clean and free of everyday dust and grime. Moving parts such as handles and hinges should be checked annually and lubricated appropriately, where necessary. PVC-U profiles should be wiped clean using a mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials must not be used.


Security is of major concern to all homeowners given the increased incidences of break-ins and burglaries. Homeowners should therefore be re-assured to learn that our range of PVCU Entrance Doors are manufactured with many security features designed to frustrate the attempts of would-be burglars. These features include multipoint locking system (ABI approved) and fully adjustable hinges with anti-lift devices.