Replacement Windows

We have available a comprehensive range of replacement windows in terms of types, materials, styles, finishes and colours.

This impressive range of windows means that customers can always find the right solution, irrespective of the age or style of their property. And if you are keen on obtaining energy efficient windows then you need look no further because our windows are available with energy ratings from “A” to “C”.

PVC-U Replacement Windows

PVC-U Casement Replacement Windows

Our attractive range of PVC-U casement windows is available in a wide choice of finishes and styles. The profiles from which the windows are manufactured are available chamfered or sculptured in white, wood white, golden oak, rosewood, golden oak on white and rosewood on white.

Additionally, we can supply your windows coloured to match any standard RAL colour. PVC-U windows are durable and easy to maintain.

Aluminium Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows made with aluminium sections have slim sightlines and therefore allows more light to flood into your home. Aesthetically pleasing aluminium casement windows are available in white and brown as standard but are also available in any standard RAL colour upon request.

There is also available a range of slimline thermally efficient aluminium casement windows that make use of modern technology. They have been designed with a ‘Polyamide’ thermal barrier for superior thermal performance which makes them suitable for new build, domestic replacement or refurbishment projects.

Aluminium Replacement Windows
Timber Replacement Windows

Timber Casement Replacement Windows

Our timber windows combine traditional looks with modern technology providing some of the best wooden windows available in the UK today. We have a traditional range which includes both flush and stormproof casement windows which are available in European Redwood, Meranti or European Oak and comes in a range of standard colours; hand oiled oak finish options (light and dark) or in any standard RAL colour.

There is also a range of contemporary wooden windows which is defined by its straight lines and modern appearance. The contemporary range of casement windows is manufactured using European Redwood, Meranti or oak and is available in the same choice of finishes and colours as our traditional range.

Aluminium Sash Replacement Windows

Aluminium sash windows are durable and offer structural integrity which are just two reasons as to why architects specify these windows.

Beautiful, slim line aluminium sash windows are designed to allow more glass area because of the slim frame and options include having the windows tilting in for easy cleaning and thermal insulation. Our aluminium sash windows are available in any standard or RAL colour.

Aluminium Sash Replacement Windows
PVC-U Sash Replacement Windows

PVC-U Sash Replacement Windows

Modern technology has been employed to create a quintessentially English PVC-U sash window with superb detailing that make it almost impossible to distinguish them apart from wooden sashes.

Our sash windows glide effortlessly and quietly up or down at the slightest touch. They are made to measure and to your requirements and can include astragal bars for that Georgian look giving style and character to your home.

Timber Sash Replacement Windows

Traditional wooden box sash windows have been with us since the 17th Century and was progressively developed from early use by Sir Christopher Wren. They remain as popular as ever projecting traditional, stylish and elegant image.

The use of technology means that wooden our sash windows are made using engineered timber and are now available with chains or spring balances as well as the traditional chords and weights. There is a choice of furniture, finishes and special features such as decorative horns.

Timber Sash Replacement Windows