Timber Casement Windows

We have a distinctive and superb range of engineered timber windows that is technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing and performs to a high standard of quality.

Our timber windows are available in Meranti (hardwood), European Redwood and Oak.

Irrespective of the style of your property we have traditional and contemporary designs that will suit your home namely flush casement windows, stormproof casement windows, bow and bay windows.

Traditional or contemporary in appearance flush casement windows are characterised by openers that close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window.

These simple, hinged casement windows are typically found in most buildings such as cottages, modest houses of all periods and in houses built in the 1920s and 30s. Our flush casement windows are available with an ‘A’ energy rating.

Stormproof windows feature rebated openers which lip over the front face of the window frame and are available with an ‘A’ energy rating that signify thermally efficient windows.

Homeowners have a choice of window configuration including side hung, top hung, fixed lights and almost any combinations of the fore-going types including bow and bay windows. Our window system is packed with innovations – innovations that bring the benefits of security, warmth, warp resistance, weathering and modern glazing performance.


A range of traditional and contemporary styled handles, hinges and peg-stays are available in a choice of colours i.e. black, chrome and brass for traditional windows and stainless for contemporary windows.

Finishes & Colours

Our timber windows are available factory finished with high performance micro-porous timber coatings for maximum protection. Any standard RAL colour and dual colour option is available. Windows are also available in a choice of five different stain finishes. Windows manufactured using oak are available in hand oiled oak finishes (light and dark).


Glass is fitted from room side for security. Astragal squares, horizontal astragal bars, leaded lights, diamond leaded lights and arched astragal options are all available. Windows are fitted with 24mm (4/16/4) glazing as standard with soft-coat energy saving glass and warm edge spacer bars to give 1.1 W/m2K U-value. Argon/Krypton gas filled sealed units are available with clear annealed, patterned, toughened, acoustic, laminated and bio-clean glass options.


Our timber windows are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms.


Regular maintenance of timber windows and moving parts such as handles and hinges is essential for their long term performance.

The decorative finish applied to timber windows must be maintained. Annual inspection should be made and any blemishes dealt with, as necessary. Check for damage caused by wear or for scratches, abrasions and faulty operation of hardware. Timber windows should be wiped clean, if only to remove dirt and grime, using a sponge and mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials must not be used.

Glass should be cleaned in the normal way with warm, mild soapy water or a quality glass cleaner.