PVCU Sash Windows

Our traditional sash windows have been designed to enhance the aesthetics of your property and to retain that period look.

Modern technology has been employed to create a quintessentially English PVC-U sash window with superb detailing that make it almost impossible to distinguish them apart from wooden sashes. Our sash windows glide effortlessly and quietly up or down at the slightest touch. They are made to measure and to your requirements and can include astragal bars for that Georgian look giving style and character to your home.

Elegant proportioned our PVC-U sash windows incorporate the very best of modern day materials, harmonizes perfectly with their surroundings regardless of the age of the property. Sash windows are available with continuous horns and deep bottom rail in both white PVC-U and wood white finishes.

Another important feature of our sash windows is that they are BFRC A energy rated.

Tilt restrictors are fitted to all sashes to provide an easy clean facility. The restrictors are operated using bespoke beehive design tilt release knobs, in fully suited finishes to match the window furniture. Sash size restrictions apply.


Branded locking cam catches are available in antique brass effect, pewter or chrome with scroll handles and pole eyes to match. A pair of branded limit stops is also available in antique brass effect, chrome or pewter.

Styles & Colours

Our sash windows are available in white PVC-U and wood white as well as a selection of coloured finishes.


Our PVC-U sash windows are fitted with 16mm (4/8/4) glazing as standard with soft-coat low E energy saving glass, Thermix spacer bars. Argon gas filled sealed units are used and can contain a more authentic Georgian bar and bead.


Locking cam catches are fitted to sashes.


Sash windows require a minimal amount of maintenance if only to keep the surfaces clean and free of everyday dust and grime. Moving parts such as catches should be checked annually and lubricated appropriately, where necessary.

PVC-U profiles should be wiped clean using a mild detergent in water at three monthly intervals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners and materials must not be used.