Stormproof casement windows installed in 200 year old Cornish property.

Installed by Orchard Conservatories, Windows & Doors for Mr & Mrs Souness of Tavistock.

Installation details

  • Date; August 2010
  • Range; Traditional
  • Products; Stormproof casement windows

History of property

This large property is 200 years old and was built with stone to traditional Cornish design.

Reasons for replacing windows

Mr & Mrs Souness had to replace the original wooden windows because they were in a very bad state of repair.

Reasons for choosing the TimberWindows brand of products

Mr and Mrs Souness were quite clear that they did not want pvc-u windows. Instead they wanted to replace the old windows with engineered timber windows that incorporated modern technology for high performance. They did their research, locally and nationally, and choose the TimberWindows brand of windows on aesthetics and technical merit.

Five traditional stormproof casement windows with astragal squares, in a white paint finish and with period brass handles were installed in the property.

Reasons for choosing Orchard Conservatories, Windows & Doors:

Mr & Mrs Souness chose Orchard after researching both local and national companies. They employed Orchard because they are an established local firm with an excellent reputation and were reassured by the fact that the proprietor Andy Chaney provided them with the name of a previous customer. This customer was highly complimentary about orchard and the products and Mr and Mrs Souness were able to see the quality of the installation. As a result Mr & Mrs Souness confidently took the decision to use Orchard.


Mr Souness said “Andy Chaney was professional, understanding of our needs before, during and after the installation works. He was not pushy. Indeed the entire team of installers were excellent. We have more windows that need to be replaced and we will be using Orchard to supply and install the additional windows. We are very pleased indeed with the result and have no hesitation in recommending Orchard Conservatories, Windows and Doors to all our family and friends.”